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I provide

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to organizations with high-value content.

Reading beyond words

We live in a media-saturated environment. To rise above the din, the information design of your content must contribute its meaning. Your audience must to be able to read beyond your words and connect with the unique perspectives that inform the words. When the flow, visual design, and content in your publication work together, its intent resonates and rises above the surrounding noise.


I’ve worked at the intersection of high-value content and publishing technology for over 30 years at industry leading companies such as Apple and Microsoft. I’ve also worked with a wide range of content services providers, publishers and startups, including companies such as:

  • Overdrive
  • Quebecor
  • Skiff (a Hearst startup)
  • Datalogics
  • Bluefire Productions
  • PublishDrive
  • StoryFit
  • Interpersonal Frequency
  • The Rhizome Collaborative

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